20 maggio 2011

I shot J.J. Abrahams

Or, at least, I wish I did.
I used to love him. Alias was a weird series I really loved, since Abrahams destroyed it putting down its weird but sustainable credibility in its fifth season. He was already involved in the production of Lost and he abandoned Alias to its oblivion.

Never been a fan of Lost which I stopped watching at the end of second season when I realized he had no idea what he was going to do with it  and that the big aim of the series would have been to justify retrospectively what he had previously propose to the audience. Cannot stand a series where everything is allowed just to mesmerize the audience.
I didn't know I was going to hate him for what he will be doing to Star Trek, changing the time line of a over 40 years old franchise like was a brand new story nobody cares if you changing it a little bit. He destroyed Star Trek as we knew it. How dare he did it!!! After Star trek 11 the franchise will never be the same.
I started to wish him to die. Really.
Recently I tried to see another series he is doing, Fringe. I stopped watching it after the teaser of its very second episode. Its a weirdest version of X-Files, with scientific standards good for children of five years old: to present the scientist of the series it is said that this fella is "the biggest brain after Einstein". But while Einstein was studying the Universe this fella is a medical doctor expert in chemical experiment on human beings, quite the same issue!
In the teaser of the very second episode of Fringe a girl get sick and give to birth a non human life form. As the glance at it  the male doctors seem like wanna puke while the female doc start to scream like a crazy person, you know female are so much sensitive. After that piece of sexism I wanted to puke (into Abrahams face if possible) and I stopped watching it FOREVER.

J.J. Abrahams die soon and leave us alone!!!

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